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How to become and be a bookkeeper?

In simple words answer is - you must learn how to do bookkeeping, must have knowledge about bookkeeping process. When you have such knowledge, you can do bookkeeping and so will become a bookkeeper.

Requirements regarding bookkeeping (essence of bookkeeping) do not change so frequently as for example, essence of search engine optimization. And bookkeeping basics remains the same as many centuries before (same double entry records, the same debit and credit). So, once you have learned bookkeeping basics, you can use the knowledge for all the future time. But you must follow legislation concerned with payroll, annual report, accounting requirements, validity of documents, content of bookkeeping registers and other legislation concerned with your daily work.

So, to be a bookkeeper, you must have special knowledge - education. Also, depending on country, you may need to get certificate about your knowledge (document that certifies that you have bookkeeping knowledge).

In the UK to get bookkeeping education you can use several courses, for example courses of Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) or Institute of Associate Bookkeepers (IAB), or courses at AAT. Some of courses are home based.

In USA American Institute of Professional bookkeepers certify bookkeepers. Education can be received in many universities and colleges.

In Canada bookkeeping knowledge is provided by many schools, colleges and also non-profit associations (for example, Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada and Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping).

In Australia bookkeeping courses are offered by Bookkeeping Institute of Australia.

To become a bookkeeper you also need to take up computerised courses. It is because bookkeeper works using special software. Widely used bookkeeping software is QuickBooks and Sage. May be you plan to use other software. To work with it, one needs to know how to work. So, need to study.

To be a bookkeeper an experience also is necessary. To get experience it is good to work in supervision of some experienced bookkeeper. To work until you are fully sure about your possibilities. And need to remember, that all time need to improve your knowledge (to follow news concerned with bookkeeping). The other way is get good special knowledge and start to work with some small amount of work. In such way during first time very carefully need to verify each thing (record) you have done. To get experience, you may be required to do unpaid work (you must be aware and ready for such situation). How long time would be necessary to get sufficient experience? It depends on you – how intensive you work (how much time you spend on bookkeeping) and also how fast and how easy you will understand all new information (all new that will happen). And must remember that need to study all the time, need to improve bookkeeping process.

And to be and work as a bookkeeper, one must have certain traits. Bookkeeper must be careful and detail – oriented. Also bookkeeper must be discreet and trustworthy.

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