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Bookkeeping services provider

Business Bookkeeper is offering remote bookkeeping solution (services) for business owners and accounting companies that has decided to outsource bookkeeping. Hope that information included in this website will help you to make a decision.
Relations with customers are oriented to long term collaboration. Aim is to provide bookkeeping services according to your needs and to ensure that you are involved in bookkeeping as little as possible. From you it is necessary to collect and provide documents and information for bookkeeping. Other bookkeeping related work will be done by
Aim is also to provide services for reasonable price so you can save up to 50% on your bookkeeping costs.

Bookkeeping services includes:
Account receivables
Account payables
Recording of sales and calculation of results of business
Maintenance of daily books and general ledger
Bank reconciliation
Preparation of financial statements (including trial balance).

Business Bookkeeper invites you to view and read information, included in the website. You will find information related to bookkeeping services and get impression about work of remote bookkeeping services provider.

You will find following information:
What is bookkeeping and what is bookkeeping services? What does a bookkeeper do? Explanations includes bookkeeping definition, information about ledgers, bookkeeping process, bookkeeping systems and bookkeeper.
Reasons to outsource bookkeeping. Described several situations where outsourcing bookkeeping can help. Advantages that you get if bookkeeping is outsourced.
Advantages of online bookkeeping. Components of online bookkeeping services. Receiving of information. Recording of transactions. Frequency of rendering of the services. You can try online bookkeeping services for free to decide if the services are right for your business.
Sample of bookkeeping services relating to Accounts receivables, sales, fixed assets, bank reconciliation. In sample invoices and payments for the invoices are recorded. Sample is provided with aim to let you know how BusinessBookkeeper records receivables.
Information about price for bookkeeping services. Price mainly depends on number of transactions. What else affects price? What is included in price (no hidden fees)? How payments can be made?
How to do bookkeeping? Daily activities bookkeeper must do. How to do it better? How to save time and avoid mess in mistakes?
What is included in bookkeeping services? To whom and why bookkeeping services may be necessary? Some advantages of outsourcing bookkeeping services. Offer to try bookkeeping services to decide if services meet you requirements.
Definition of small business bookkeeping (what it consists of). Types of books for small business. Importance of keeping books up-to-date. Setting rules concerning bookkeeping. Why it is important to collect documents about expenses.
Chart of accounts for bookkeeping and accounting. What is chart of accounts? Why chart of accounts is necessary and how detailed must be division of main groups of accounts? How to create (set up) chart of accounts?

If you have any questions or information related to bookkeeping services, please contact to e-mail